Vodafone TV
and Siro

Brand: Vodafone
Agency: Target McConnells
Role: Creative Direction/Art Direction
Year: 2016


Making Vodafone TV and broadband look simple and easy.

Vodafone approached us to develop a flexible, yet friendly and catchy look for their newest services: TV and Siro (super fast broadband).

Their ambition was to create a single visual library that could feed a series of assets, such as TV commercials, informative videos to be used in-store, digital displays, and social media assets.

From the start, we decided to keep things simple. This strategy allowed us to focus more on the “feeling” of the library. For us, it was paramount to feel dynamic and modern (like Vodafone and their services), but also super friendly and welcoming to win customers.

Vodafone TV animation (60")

Vodafone Siro Broadband (30")

A sneak peek of the work behind the scenes