Explaining Vodafone's network improvements in a way that a 7-year-old understands.

Project: Vodafone The Curious Kid
Brand: Vodafone
Agency: Target McConnells
Role: Creative Direction/Concept
With: Karl Waters
Year: 2015


Our job was to let everyone know that Vodafone is constantly improving its network. The challenge is that behind the work, there are managers, technicians and engineers talking about boring and complex stuff.

To make things simple and entertaining, our idea was to pit Vodafone’s brightest against their most disarming interviewer yet: Paddy, age 7. He’s cute. He’s charming. He’s also immune to bullshit. If they try to overcomplicate things, he’ll bring them back on track with a single word: why?

We shared a short video introducing Paddy, our Curious Kid, getting ready for his first big interview, just a couple of days before the main film went live.

Signal Boost
We brought Paddy (and his entourage) to Body&Soul, one of Ireland's biggest music festivals. Also, one of the locations Vodafone boosts their network signal.

HD Voice
Now in a race track, Paddy interviews Lorraine from Vodafone. She knows everything about HD Voice and how it allows us to have crystal clear conversations even in a noisy environment.