Showing how embarrassing driving can be without Nissan's technology.

Project: Nissan JUKE 2018
Brand: Nissan
Agency: Digitas LBi
Role: Creative Direction
Motion: Iggy Pacanowski
Year: 2018


"Never Compromise on Technology" was the big idea to launch the new Nissan JUKE. The campaign highlighted the high-tech 360° bird's-eye view parking cameras and an immersive sound system from Bose.

Our take in social media was to create a little social experiment, asking Europeans to share embarrassing stories of when they didn't have the best tech in their cars — in other words, what happened when they didn't have 360° cameras to help them park or when their sound system was crap.

Have you ever caused a traffic jam while trying to park? Or have you ever given up on parking and let someone else do it for you? So embarrassing, right?

Things can also get tricky when you don't have a truly immersive sound system in your car, especially when someone else starts to sing along and ruins your song.

We also provided the different Nissan markets in Europe a flexible framework to display relatable data of when people compromised on technology.

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