New Renault Twingo Electric

Brand: Renault
Agency: Publicis Conceil
Role: Creative Direction
Directors: Luca & Sinem (Troublemakers)

Year: 2020


How to launch an electric car and stay in tune with the times?

The Renault Twingo was launched in 1993 with a memorable ad featuring illustrations from Philippe Petit-Roulet, a catchy song from Bobby Mc Ferrin and a tagline that proposed a new look at cars: "À vous d'inventer la vie qui va avec" or "It's up to you to invent the life that goes with it".

Renault Twingo launch — TV Commercial (1993)

To launch the electric version in 2020, we recycled the original campaign, giving it a refresh. The first step was to adapt the tagline to "It's up to you to re-invent the life that goes with it"; going further, we invited Petit-Roulet to give a fresh look to his illustrations; finally, we kept the timeless song from Bobby.

The result was an emotional bang. The fans, media, and potential buyers remembered the iconic spot from '93 and its core proposition: re-think cars.

Renault Twingo Electric launch — TV Commercial (2020)

Early look development


Shooting in Lyon, France


Early animatics


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