Financial Literacy Month

Brand: MoneyLion
Agency: Malka
Role: Creative Direction
Year: 2023


Using fake money to teach how to make real money.

MoneyLion is an all-in-one money app that helps people to get the most out of their money. Naturally, financial literacy is huge for them. So, we helped MoneyLion to take over April, which is Financial Literacy Month – from day one.

Everything started with an April Fool's prank. We planted thousands of fake dollar bills all over New York City. Those bills had a QR code that unlocked a money hack that helped people to save money or even a real money prize.

Social Video Unveil

To start the hunt for the fake dollar bills, and announce the stunt, we partnered with dozens of influential New Yorkers.

The fake bills were placed in famous neighborhoods and landmarks in New York City. Each had a contextual hack. For example, at SOHO, people could get a shopping hack. 


After the prank, we sustained the campaign for the rest of the month with content that helped people to money better. From quick hacks to Q&As with money experts.

Our campaign was a huge success, resulting in millions of impressions and nearly a 20% increase in app downloads. Finally, all of our fake dollar bills were stolen, some within seconds of being placed.

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