Electric Café

Brand: Nissan
Agency: DigitasLBi
Role: Creative Direction
Year: 2016


How to include Nissan in the conversation about EVs and sustainability?

Not many people know that Nissan is literally putting a lot of energy into a future less dependent on fossil fuels. To tackle this issue, we launched a global platform named “#ElectrifyTheWorld” and, to kick-start it, we opened a café in Paris to showcase solutions using renewables — including, of course, the latest from Nissan.

The “Nissan Electric Café” is the world's first pay with energy café. There, visitors can't use cash or credit card to pay for threats. The only accepted form of currency is sustainable energy generated by customers themselves.

In a weekend, the café welcomed thousands of Parisians for a conversation about a path for a better future. Furthermore, Nissan became national and international news. After that, the café has been "exported" to many countries, including Germany, Brazil and Chile.