Proving the new Nissan Micra has a memorable design.

Project: Nissan Micra x Stephen Wiltshire
Brand: Nissan
Agency: Digitas LBi
Role: Creative Direction/Concept
With: Eleanor Howe & Lina Benmansour
Year: 2016


To show how memorable is the re-designed 2016 Nissan Micra, we challenged artist Stephen Wiltshire — renowned for his detailed cityscape drawings from memory — to draw every detail of the car after seeing it for just 1 minute.

To make it a real challenge, we asked Wiltshire to put aside his pen and paper and draw the car, in scale, using virtual reality, a tool he’d never used before.

The result is an artistic collaboration that tells the story of a talented artist mastering new technology and an original work of art that shows off every detail of Micra’s new design.​

The video is one of the most-watched about the new Nissan Micra on YouTube, with more than 3 million views and counting...

Not bad for a glimpse of just 60 seconds, right?

Not bad for a glimpse of just 60 seconds, right?

The drawing is also available in VR so that viewers can appreciate the details from all angles.