Inviting for a coffee (paid in energy) to talk about renewable energy.

Project: Nissan Electric Café
Brand: Nissan
Agency: Digitas LBi
Role: Creative Direction
With: Thomas Marcusson & Andre G. Gray
Year: 2016


Not many people know that Nissan is putting a lot of energy into a world less dependent on fossil fuels. To tackle the problem, we created the Nissan Electric Café: a space to welcome and showcase solutions using renewable energy, including the latest from Nissan.

To catch the media's attention and show its purpose, we made the Nissan Electric Café the world’s first “pay with energy” café. There, you can't use cash or credit card to pay for your treats. The only accepted form of currency is sustainable energy generated by customers.

The café generated millions of joules (enough energy to be self-sufficient), on top of sparking a greater social conversation that spread far beyond the café itself.

Our space gathered hundreds of guests, workshops and talks. Later, the café was "exported" to other countries, including Germany, Brazil and Colombia.